The Christian Majority

The Christian Majority

By David McAfee


Aside from Christianity, there are thirteen other major religions in the world, and at least ten denominations of each of them. Right now, there are more than 6,500,000,000 people in the world and more than 4,000,000,000 of them are not followers of any denomination of the Christian church. There are over one hundred and thirty belief systems in the world with over a million followers; each of these systems has values, morals, beliefs, and ideas unique to them. The fact that this large number of religious structures exist makes it difficult to imagine that the United States of America, the most diverse nation, is so overwhelmingly Christian in its governing.

            In the Christian religion, the followers are assumed to “live as their savior would” and I respect those who do; they devote their lives to doing what they believe is right and “serving their lord.” However, many of these so-called believers show nothing but hypocrisy in their every day lives by calling themselves a devoted Christian, yet they do nothing to help their fellow man, and though most have many worldly possessions, selfishly live like Kings and look down on those living in poverty. If Jesus, as described by the Christian bible, were alive today, I believe that he would own nothing more than what he needed for his own survival and give the rest to those less fortunate than he.

This startling evidence of an overwhelming Christian majority in America brings about one, daunting question- Why would seventy six percent of Americans consider themselves Christians if they aren’t adequately versed in the bible, and most do not follow the fundamental rules taught by the bible? The answer, I believe is enculturation and heredity.  In my personal experiences, I have found many people who take for granted that Christianity is the only true and correct religion and look down upon those who question it. Any attempt to question, or look for evidence of a higher power is considered “rebellion” by these close-minded individuals. Much of the time, you will find that these people who choose NOT to question their beliefs were raised by Christian parents and were taught nothing more than “I am right, and anything else is evil.” Christian parents often, sometimes unknowingly, introduce Christianity into the minds of their children in a way that teaches them that it is okay to use violence to fight in the name of their beliefs and ignore evidence against them. This poses a problem because, for some reason, many American Christians are not opposed to war with other nations, largely in part to the “fear” that many of them feel as a result of lack of immersion into other cultures. Children are being raised into Christianity (and other religions) without any thought of their own, only their parents. This type of association between a child and a religion usually stays strong throughout the life of the child. In some cases, someone may associate with Christianity their entire lives without learning the fundamental belief system solely because it becomes a part of their identity caused by the child’s parents or parental figures. How else can Americans reinforce Christianity into their child’s minds with little or no effort? How about reciting a pledge acknowledging the child’s obedience to “God” every day in grade school?

One response to “The Christian Majority

  1. I think you answered your own question when you noted that “they aren’t adequately versed in the bible”.
    That is the very reason why they “do not follow the fundamental rules taught by the bible”.

    It is important to consider however that merely because someone was brought up in a “Christian” home and/or that they “believe in God”, this does not necessarily make them a Christian except in name only.

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