Christian Propaganda is EVERYWHERE

David G. McAfee

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                     It seems like everywhere I turn I see some sort of religious propaganda somewhere, from “John 3:16” written in chalk on the sidewalk or a WWJD bumper sticker on a Mercedes… I’m sure you have seen these ‘stories’ before but this little comic strip, published by Chick Publications, really takes the cake. The Christian right has always pressured American entertainment to censor their work so as not to corrupt the mindset of their children- the themes in this comic are far worse than ‘Will and Grace’ and ‘South Park’.

                    Firstly, it is designed with pictures and very few words- and in the same styles as many newspaper comic strips- but instead of Dennis the Menace accidently breaking a window with a baseball, you have a young boy intravenously abusing drugs and being anally raped in prison and subsequently being diagnosed with AIDS. Handed out for free (A pile of these sat in front of a convenience store) – this is the type of material that is really threatening the well being of our society… As you can see from the comic, the Christian publisher is laying out a timeline of events that shows that if you don’t believe in Jesus you will do drugs, become addicted, steal to support your habit, sell drugs (this part is unclear- apparently the dealer refuses to sell him anymore unless he sells for him), get arrested by an undercover officer, go to prison, be anally raped, contract the AIDS virus, and then you will accept Jesus and die of AIDS anyway… BUT as long as you accept Jesus as your savior before you die, an angel will save you and fly you up to heaven.

 I apologize if the resolution is low, but in order to scan each page and import it to WordPress, I had to drastically reduce the size…

Ridiculous Propoganda


5 responses to “Christian Propaganda is EVERYWHERE

  1. I like your writing and think we need to publish your work as widely as we can.

  2. We get that shit here in the UK too. I was actually barged into by one guy who shoved this thing in my face. Some woman has three kids and then finds Jesus. Along comes a flood and kills woman and her youngest (infant) child. But take comfort they found god first, right?

    Another guy dropped hundreds (literally) of these little comic-books around my store a few months back. Tucked them between books, under boxes, handed one to me while I was tidying up for the day. Basically it bashed Buddhism. This Buddhist who never hurt anyone, gave millions to charity and preached peace and compassion dies in a car wreck, and burns in hell because even though Jesus loves him, he doent love him that much. NICE. I was finding the things for weeks and I binned every sick one of them.

    Missionaries. Dangerous feckers.

    Love, Nat

    PS keep writing of course

  3. I used to see crap like this all the time when my mom worked as a church secretary…it made me so mad. It’s full of dull-witted propaganda and slippery slope arguments. :-/ Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. You should see the Wild West one where a murderous outlaw accepts jebus the night before his execution and goes to heaven, while the sheriff who finally tracked him down, but has no time for magic man, goes to hell.

    That’s right kids! Steal, rape and murder all you like! So long as you’re good with yahweh before they pull the lever, you’re going straight to heaven! Don’t waste your time helping others when you could be having the time of your life! – The message I got from that tract.

  5. The saddest part of these things…is that I passed bunches of them out myself when I was a religitard/asshole who THOUGHT this was truth…and I’m so ashamed of myself for that…

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