Jesus in 2010: A Short Story of the End Times

Jesus in 2010: A Short Story

By David G. McAfee 

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                My name is LORD. Why do they not believe me? I am the Son of God and the Son of Man- I am Jesus, your Christ, and as I have done over two-thousand years ago, I have descended from Heaven in the body of a man; this time in order to fulfill my prophecies kept alive in the Holy Text of Revelations. What did they expect? I bring with me the apocalypse of earth- but I must be allowed to rapture my numerous followers, for I am their Shepherd. But when I proclaim my Armageddon, it seems as though my sheep have lost their way- turning a deaf ear unto my proclamations, or instantly falling under amnesia of my sacred predictions of the End Times.

Do they think that I’m not sane? I am their leader, yet they treat me as if I were nothing… as if they are still waiting for me. But I am here… They know the words of the prophecy well, they should have foreseen my arrival based on worldly Revelations, some say that they do. Yet I remain here, alone. With only my Father in heaven supporting me, and the treacherous beings he created crucifying me once again, this time on a cross of absent-mindedness and loneliness. They treat me like a vagabond, like scum… because I wear sandals and a robe? I have no earthly belongings but I come bearing the gift of eternal life!

I speak to God, the Father, and he is losing his faith in man. They act as if I want to hurt them- but my only goal is to save them from their world of sin; I have known since childhood that this was my task, for the Father has told me even before this birth. I have been preaching these words since a very young age, attempting to convince my flock to return to my side, to no avail- but the time is coming for my reign over earth as the Sovereign Messiah before returning to the heavens. And if mankind denies me now, in this time of great importance, surely I cannot be expected to accept them in the presence of my Father.

I feel trapped… confined by my own creations. Sinners all around me, they say that they accept my teachings but I see little to no evidence of such reverence. Abandonment is a feeling that I remember well, for this must also be a test from my Father. They will regret this second and final trespass when they are thrown into Lucifer’s Lake of Fire, but I harbor no anger. They say that they are “Christians” but live by none of my teachings and now that I am among them, nobody believes it possible; though it has been decreed in the Sacred Texts! How is this possible? Surely it must be the work of Lucifer… They will know his evils well, when they are cast into the depths of hell, as soon as the Son of God escapes from his padded cell.

Image is used by permission of the artist.

Homeless Jesus

9 responses to “Jesus in 2010: A Short Story of the End Times

  1. Loved it

  2. i thought it was very poetic. i like how you pointed out that if jesus was alive today he would probably just be laughed at and ignored. also that xians especially american conservatives don’t listen to, but pick out, what they wanted to hear. the four gospels and acts every other book of the new testament depict jesus as a new character. so where do they get there facts? the pieces they pick out of all of the above i suspect. my personal favorite and probably most honest jesus quote is “i did not come to bring peace, but a sword”

  3. Elijah Heartsong

    yeah, i like how Jesus’s words were ignored and he felt like the victim and now he must set forth his Father’s rules and comdemn us all to Hell to please his Father. i can see the whole scene set in a movie from a padded cell

  4. Jesus would have to come back in a business suit and have a few million dollars in his campaign coffer to round in his flock here in the States:-) The only problem I see with the scenario here is that Jesus is making the same mistake that those who condemn him are making—he forgets or ignores certain parts of his own gospel.

  5. bloody funny! are you gonna write any more jeebus stories?

  6. The second paragraph is a bit repetitive. You could cut it down and include it in the first paragraph. I think it would flow better.

  7. This is good post. I think still you should add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

  8. Well done David.

    Also I recognized you at the person having issues getting into the UC Santa Barbara, Religious Studies Department. I was at UCSB (Biology and Chemical Engineering) in 1983 or so, and founder of the UCSB Atheist Association (AA). The Atheist Association sponsored a debate, “Does God Exist?”. I looked for mediators in the Religious Studies Department. The few who offered were quite religious, and made comments that struck me as not neutral.

    We had a ‘good’ debate with a good (knowledgeable, and known) mediator J. Gordon Melton of the UCSB Library, and rationalist debater Gordon Stein.

    I hope you get into the Religious Studies Department.

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