Book Cover Design Contest Launches 10/22/10-11/22/2010

Calling all Graphic Designers, Artists, and Photographers!

Beginning today, 10-22-2010, the contest begins for the cover art design of my second book. All entries must be received by e-mail ( with the subject: “COVER ENTRY” by 11/22/2010. The designer who creates the winning entry will receive a signed copy of Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World’s Most Followed Religion, a signed copy of my second book (with the provided art sample as the cover) upon completion, and full photo credit and acknowledgement in print.

*All entries must have a common theme of money and the Christian Church, a prototype image will be provided below- the winning entry should encompass similar ideas and themes, but doesn’t necessarily have to be a replica- so be sure to be creative! All entries should have high-resolution images and not contain copyright material. For questions or comments, please comment on this post or contact me directly at

Crucifix-Dollar Sign Prototype

Crucifix-Dollar Sign Prototype

3 responses to “Book Cover Design Contest Launches 10/22/10-11/22/2010

  1. Christopher Seals

    I have a design but I need the capacity to attach

  2. David, creating a work of art all by itself is fine. A lot can be surmised about an artist’s ability from an initial work of art. But book covers also have titles, which are just as important as the artwork. Perhaps you already have ideas for the title of the book, and how you want that title to appear on the cover. But perhaps you haven’t yet resolved that aspect of the cover.

    In the work that I’ve done with covers, eventually, if not early on, it requires knowing what text is going to be placed in the design. The text is sometimes THE design, or it is worked into the design and can’t be changed easily without changing the art as well.

    You may not want to release the title openly before the book is ready to be published, which is understandable. But if you choose an artist based on a design they submit, you will probably have to work with that artist further so that she/he can make necessary revisions to include the title and other text, such as your name. Upon learning of the title, the artist may even think a completely different approach to the cover should be taken, for instance, because of some peculiarity or feature of the title itself. You should probably allow this possibility, and of course it would have to have your final approval.

    While titles can, theoretically, be simple and straight-forward, they may also be such that a word in the title, or an idea related to the title, can be exploited to enhance the overall character of the book. This is something you should consider. In other words, the title might suggest something entirely different from what you have given us so far. I’m speaking visually here. It might be the same image, but simply portrayed in a different way which compliments rather than fights the text of the title.

    Perhaps you could provide the interested artists directly with more specific information about the title and cover text. You’ll need to know who is participating, get their email addresses, and such.

    But if you stick with what you’ve got, certainly, I would think, if the artist can produce one good design, she can produce another good one based on the original design,or perhaps even create a completely different one if that looked to be the better option when given the new “title” information that wasn’t known before.

    Presently, it appears that you are choosing an artist, based on a preliminary design, that you will be working with afterwards to create a finished design. The title of the book will become important to the design at that point.

    The alternative would be to provide the artists with the title beforehand. But being an open competition, and you may be concerned with copyright issues, and protecting your unpublished ideas, you may want to wait on releasing that information until such time that you know who you will be working with.

    These are points you might want to think about. A better cover will be produced if the entire cover were the concern of the artist, which may, in fact, be your intention, much as I suggested, by letting the chosen artist “finish” the design by including the title in the work.

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