Christianity Lesson #14

Christianity Lesson #14

Christianity Lesson #14

7 responses to “Christianity Lesson #14

  1. Did God Jesus come and tell you that Gandhi is not taken to the heaven or have you ever got into his mind and found who he actually is?

    • Satheesh, according to John 14:6 (and MANY other passages), acceptance of Jesus Christ as savior is the only way to reach the “Kingdom of God.” Gandhi did not believe in the divinity of Jesus and Dahmer did. So, according to scripture, one goes to heaven – the other Hell. Get it?

  2. This is just me-
    Didn’t Gandhi have multiple husbands and wives? < I'd understand if it's his sense of "morale" (for lack of better words).
    He's the great Jesus- isn't this the guy? Jesus Christ right there? M. Gandhi.
    Sleeping with minors and and a neice is acceptable. Right?

  3. Gandhi had only one wife and no husbands.

    During the eight years he experimented with the Hindu practice of brahmacharya, there is zero evidence he had sex with any of the girls he slept with.

    Just like nudity, sleeping is not a sexual act.

    • William Young. Now, did I say he was having sex? Nope. Pedophilia, my good friend. Just a thought is all.

      I might not understand what this picture is saying and I don’t want to get the wrong impression. Could you clarify?

  4. I was really excited to see such a young individual on an search for the truth. However, you are not searching for anything, you are merely beating a dead horse.

    You can ONLY take this “lesson” one of three ways:

    1. God doesn’t exist so neither of the two are either in heaven or hell.

    2. God does exist but the doctrine withheld is false. (This argument can not be validated for the sole reason that you do not believe God exists.)

    3. God does exist and Christiany is true. This would be the only legitimate variant of classification applied to this “lesson.”

    For the sake of this argument let me posit that Christianity is the true religion. Truth MUST be exclusive; when we reject a belief we must affirm a belief in its place. Therefore, if Christianity is true (for the sake of this argument) then Jesus is the exclusive right to passage into heaven in claiming, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…”

    As you see, we must all take a stand and own what we believe. So we can conclude the following:

    Either Ghandi is neither in heaven or hell (God doesn’t exist) or,

    Ghandi followed the true religion (Hinduism) and is in “heaven.” (I use that term loosely for the complex structure associated with Hinduism and its doctrine of afterlife.) or finally,

    Ghandi is in hell (as you suggest in this “lesson”) because Christianity is the truth.

    Whatever the case may be, one can only be sure that what we believe is what we will be held accountable for.

  5. Bradley, thank you. The idea of the argument was supposed to lead up to that, but I did not get a response. You, basically, closed the gap. As you can see, my urge for making senseless debate has gotten the better of me and I do capitulate.

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