MDIAA Chapter “Religion and Grief” Featured In American Atheist Magazine

Click to read the “Religion and Grief” excerpt from Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-believer, featured in American Atheist Magazine’s First Quarter 2013 issue.

4 responses to “MDIAA Chapter “Religion and Grief” Featured In American Atheist Magazine

  1. David, show me historical account that negate the existence of Jesus. Otherwise the accounts of his existence in the bible will hold. Second, if you wanted to be an athiest as you suggest you are, why do you use the bible to anchor your views, isn’t it illogical to believe in something and not having a core values of it and merely negating what is been written? What kind of unbelief is that? Third, If you still believe that you “became” out of “accident” of nature, the probability is way beyond the approximate age of the planet. So where did you came from?Fourth, When the bible told us about the earth suspended in nothingness before it was even accepted fact.Who could have told you about it? the list can go on. There is one explanation of your belief though, its a fad.

    • Hi Marty, if that’s how the burden of proof worked, you’d have to show a historical account that “negate[s] the existence” of every other deity or false prophet. You’d have to show me how Zeus couldn’t exist and how Muhammad couldn’t have been a divine prophet. The accounts in the Bible are known by all respected biblical scholars to have been written years after Jesus’ supposed death and resurrection, so they can’t be taken as authoritative, especially not any moreso than the Qur’an, the Book of Mormon, or Dianetics.

      I discuss the Bible because I’ve studied religions and their respective holy texts, and pointing out flaws, inaccuracies, and contradictions in help is sometimes helpful in showing believers that they may have been duped about the ultimate “Truth” from an early age, and that all religious texts are flawed, stagnant, and man-made.

      I don’t entirely understand the third question, but I would point out that the probability of the basic organic life forms arising under the right conditions is much higher than some all-powerful supreme being coming to existence out of nowhere.

      Your example about the earth being suspended over nothing is not only unimpressive but factually inaccurate. Job 26:7 describes the earth as “hanging” or “suspended” over nothing, which implies that it is motionless. But, in reality, it’s orbiting the sun at 66,700 mph.

  2. David we need more people like you. But you arguing with a person like this is like attacking a loaf of bread with a chainsaw! Keep up the good work!

  3. Keep it up David. Its arguments like this guys that tend to show others trapped through fear by a bronze age dogma, that what they have been taught has a legitimate reason to be questioned. People tend to over look the age of the earth because they are now taught is seems that the Devil (another fantastical all powerful being that seems to do the bidding of God , yet is always to blame for everything that goes askew) Put the Dinosaur bones in perfectly selected layers of strata (to confuse us) and obviously then by that logic must have also put all the zooplankton and plants into layers that turned into oil, coal and natural gas for us to use as a God given natural resource. Hypocrites the bunch of them then, otherwise or they should all be using beeswax candles for lights, walking to work and cooking on wood cut down with bronze tools simply because it takes more heat to work steels than most wood fires could create and the rest are obviously the product of the Devil.

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