I have spoken for a number of conventions and group meetings, including those sponsored be Houston Oasis, Atheists United, Cal Poly Brights, FreeOK, Great Lakes Atheists and more. See photos and information from those events and others here.

I don’t require a speaking fee, but I do ask that sponsor groups reimburse for travel and lodging expenses. If you’d like to have me come talk to you and your group, please e-mail me at

5 responses to “Events

  1. David, you’re planning to be in Sacramento on 3/31, and I’d like to tell our group, Atheists and Other Freethinkers (AOF). The group is sure to be interested in hearing you speak. Where will you be speaking and at what time?

  2. Have the range of topics which you speak about expanded since you last updated this page?

    • I didn’t state my topics on this page, only groups that have hosted me previously, but I have a number of different talks on religion, atheism, skepticism, and critical thinking.

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