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Book Cover Design Contest Launches 10/22/10-11/22/2010

Calling all Graphic Designers, Artists, and Photographers!

Beginning today, 10-22-2010, the contest begins for the cover art design of my second book. All entries must be received by e-mail (David@DavidGMcAfee.com) with the subject: “COVER ENTRY” by 11/22/2010. The designer who creates the winning entry will receive a signed copy of Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World’s Most Followed Religion, a signed copy of my second book (with the provided art sample as the cover) upon completion, and full photo credit and acknowledgement in print.

*All entries must have a common theme of money and the Christian Church, a prototype image will be provided below- the winning entry should encompass similar ideas and themes, but doesn’t necessarily have to be a replica- so be sure to be creative! All entries should have high-resolution images and not contain copyright material. For questions or comments, please comment on this post or contact me directly at David@DavidGMcAfee.com

Crucifix-Dollar Sign Prototype

Crucifix-Dollar Sign Prototype