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My Childhood and Religion- PART TWO

We are all Born Atheists: I Just Stayed that Way Part TWO

By David G. McAfee 

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This is part TWO of a TWO part series, to see part ONE, click here

A Curiosity Develops

            There is no point in my past in which I would have considered myself “Christian”, or affiliated with any other religion for that matter; but it wasn’t until age thirteen that I actually became interested in studying the various religious traditions in the world and their effects on society at large. I had been living with my father for a couple of years and was growing accustomed to life with him and his family. When my dad was around- he wasn’t a bad father, but he was gone for weeks at a time, constantly; one of these mini-vacations ended with a phone call. After about three weeks of my father being mysteriously absent, we got a phone call from Sacramento County Jail; it was my dad. Continue reading