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Jesus in 2010: A Short Story of the End Times

Jesus in 2010: A Short Story

By David G. McAfee 

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                My name is LORD. Why do they not believe me? I am the Son of God and the Son of Man- I am Jesus, your Christ, and as I have done over two-thousand years ago, I have descended from Heaven in the body of a man; this time in order to fulfill my prophecies kept alive in the Holy Text of Revelations. What did they expect? I bring with me the apocalypse of earth- but I must be allowed to rapture my numerous followers, for I am their Shepherd. But when I proclaim my Armageddon, it seems as though my sheep have lost their way- turning a deaf ear unto my proclamations, or instantly falling under amnesia of my sacred predictions of the End Times. Continue reading

Christmas Evolving: Secularizing the Holidays

We have all heard about the “Take ‘Christ’ out of Christmas’ Movement”, but in some ways it feels as if it would be a crime to do so; after all Jesus Christ and Santa Claus do have a lot in common: they are both benevolent figures, both perform miracles, and neither of them actually exist! Continue reading