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Interview with a Camel: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

Interview with a Camel: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

Author and Anti-Theist Activist, Bart Centre, Tells all

Interview by David G. McAfee

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Frequently, I’ll post interviews with authors of non-theistic works to the website in hopes of encouraging freethinkers to pursue new and relevant literature; and when I read The Atheist Camel Chronicles, I was more than excited to find a well-written work whose target audience is the non-believing ‘community’. As the book’s subtitle indicates, it contains “Debate Themes & Arguments for the Non-Believer (and those who think they might be)”, and is written by the creatively pseudo-named Dromedary Hump. I had the opportunity to interview the author behind the Dromedary caricature,    Bart Centre, in order to share with us some details regarding the unique and useful book. Continue reading