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We are all Born Atheists: I Just Stayed that Way- PART ONE Childhood and Religion

We are all Born Atheists: I Just Stayed that Way Part ONE

By David G. McAfee 

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My Childhood and Religion

            Everybody is born as an atheist and, without submersion into religion as a child, we would most likely maintain that position… more often than not, however, this is not the case. My parents were not religious people… They may have abused substances religiously- but church was probably the last thing on their minds. When I was two years old, my parents divorced and began their separate lives pursuing drugs to feed their addictions. Clearly, they felt that they were unfit to properly care for their child (though they were always a large part of my life and, for the most part, acted in accordance with standard human morals and decency)- my grandmother thankfully volunteered to care for me until my mother or father could afford (financially and emotionally) to raise me. She never mistreated me or abused me, but she was the first person in my life to introduce me to religion and the authority of the church. Continue reading