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David G. McAfee interviews ‘Spirit Psychic’ Noah Alvarez

David G. McAfee interviews ‘Spirit Psychic’ Noah Alvarez

I have always been fascinated by people who claim to have supernatural or mystical abilities, including so-called psychics. While I can’t say I was ever a believer, the idea that some people could read others’ thoughts or see the future has interested me all my life. In an effort to learn more about this phenomenon I studied cold and hot reading tactics and, when reading about them wasn’t enough, I even implemented those methods myself as Suroh the Seer. But that still wasn’t enough. I wanted to find out even more about the people who claim to have these fantastic abilities, so I did the next logical thing: I asked them questions.

I decided to interview a psychic in my area and, after some online research, I stumbled across “spirit psychic” Noah Alvarez. Alvarez advertises that he is an internationally known psychic medium with a sixth sense, specializing in counseling and “healing.” I chose Alvarez as my first interview subject primarily because of his dozens of five-star reviews. Clients insisted that Alvarez’s readings were “dead on” and “the real deal” but, perhaps just as importantly, they said he was friendly, open, and transparent. For my purposes, that’s ideal.

I met Alvarez at 10:00AM on a Saturday at his psychic studio in Chatsworth, Calif. Noah greeted me and my first impression was that his reviewers were right: he was personable, friendly, and empathetic. I also took a moment to scan his studio, which featured a number of (often conflicting) religious and spiritual symbols. There were dozens of Buddhist statues and monuments and relics – something you might expect from a psychic who also calls himself the “American Buddha” – but there was also a single dramatic statue of Jesus Christ being tortured on the cross. Understanding that Noah was likely trying to appeal to as broad a base as possible in his work, I proceeded to the back room for our discussion.

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Interview with a Camel: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

Interview with a Camel: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

Author and Anti-Theist Activist, Bart Centre, Tells all

Interview by David G. McAfee

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Frequently, I’ll post interviews with authors of non-theistic works to the website in hopes of encouraging freethinkers to pursue new and relevant literature; and when I read The Atheist Camel Chronicles, I was more than excited to find a well-written work whose target audience is the non-believing ‘community’. As the book’s subtitle indicates, it contains “Debate Themes & Arguments for the Non-Believer (and those who think they might be)”, and is written by the creatively pseudo-named Dromedary Hump. I had the opportunity to interview the author behind the Dromedary caricature,    Bart Centre, in order to share with us some details regarding the unique and useful book. Continue reading

The Crisis of Religion: An interview with Adebowale Ojowuro

The Crisis of Religion; It’s an imaginative and thought-inspiring title for an incredibly well-written book. I was lucky enough to discuss some of the finer points of the work with the author, Adebowale Ojowuro. Among other things, we discuss the inspirations for The Crisis of Religion, how it can help the secular community, and the questions which he attempts to answer in the book. I hope you enjoy the interview and, if you find yourself wanting more, information on how to purchase The Crisis of Religion is located within the last question. Thank you all for your continued readership.

 David G. McAfee

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“The Case Against ‘The Case for Christ’”- Robert M. Price Interview

 “The Case Against ‘The Case for Christ’”- Robert M. Price Interview

By David G. McAfee

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                Robert M. Price- Professor, author, and scholar in religion- has published a new book as a counterargument and refutation of Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus”. As a secular journalist and author of similar topics, I secured an interview with Dr. Price in order to discuss his goals, intentions, and sentiments in his newest work. I ask him (among other things) questions about his other books, educational background, and why he deemed it necessary to create a formal response to “The Case for Christ” in order to give readers the opportunity to become familiarized with Price’s revolutionary literature. Continue reading

I Interview Influential Author of ‘The God Virus’

Dr. Darrel Ray Interview- Author of The God Virus

Author Discusses Newest Book and Upcoming Lecture in Santa Barbara 

By David G. McAfee

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                There is a new, controversial, and awe-inspiring book that is taking the country by storm- The God Virus outlines the consequences of certain religious beliefs from the point of view of psychologist, prominent author, and student of religious studies, Dr. Darrel Ray. Ray examines the ‘virus’ of theism and how religions often breed prejudice and harmful superstitions. As a student of Religious Studies myself, I wanted to find out more about this topic; and Dr. Ray agreed to discuss with me his new book, and lecture taking place on March 20, 2010 in the Patio Room of Vista del Monte located at 3775 Modoc Road in beautiful Santa Barbara, California at the request of the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara.  Continue reading