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12-Year Old Girl Can’t Play Football Because Of The Bible

A 12-year old girl was booted from her Georgia school’s football team because the school’s CEO said she would provoke lustful thoughts, citing the Bible, WSBTV’s Jeff Dore reported Thursday.

Maddy Blythe, who attends strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Ga., plays on the school’s younger league for students before they reach high school. Maddy’s mom, Cassy Blythe, said it was her daughter’s dream to get a scholarship and be one the first female football players in college, according to WSBTV.

But all that changed this week when the school’s CEO said boys have “lustful thoughts” and cited the Bible.

“Just for the fact that I’m a girl,” Maddy said. “That men and women are created equal but different, and he said that he prayed about it and it was the wrong thing to do.”

“I think it’s kind of crazy and I think it’s very archaic and he needs to get with the times,” Cassy Blythe added.

Update: Cassy Blythe told me late Thursday that they are waiting to hear from the school before making a decision on an appeal. She also said  her religion teaches not to discriminate.

“There is nothing in the Bible that says these acts of discrimination are OK or justified,” Cassy Blythe said via Facebook.

Nobody from the school was immediately available for comment late Thursday.

The Blythes told WSBT that they hope the school administrators will change their mind. They also started a Facebook page called Let Her Play, devoted to all girl athletes.

"Let Her Play"

“Let Her Play”