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I Interview Influential Author of ‘The God Virus’

Dr. Darrel Ray Interview- Author of The God Virus

Author Discusses Newest Book and Upcoming Lecture in Santa Barbara 

By David G. McAfee

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                There is a new, controversial, and awe-inspiring book that is taking the country by storm- The God Virus outlines the consequences of certain religious beliefs from the point of view of psychologist, prominent author, and student of religious studies, Dr. Darrel Ray. Ray examines the ‘virus’ of theism and how religions often breed prejudice and harmful superstitions. As a student of Religious Studies myself, I wanted to find out more about this topic; and Dr. Ray agreed to discuss with me his new book, and lecture taking place on March 20, 2010 in the Patio Room of Vista del Monte located at 3775 Modoc Road in beautiful Santa Barbara, California at the request of the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara.  Continue reading