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Two Nations, Under God: The Canadian Charter from an American Perspective

 Two Nations, Under God

The Canadian Charter from an American Perspective

By David G. McAfee

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               As an American scholar of Religious Studies- as opposed to Theology- I am accustomed to studying religions and their various effects on society (positive and negative) from an objective point of view. I look at religion from a phenomenological approach and analyze how it came to be, why people continue to practice these ancient traditions, and what similarities each religion holds to one another. In American society, I particularly focus on the hypocrisy of the term ‘separation of church and stateand how it holds little meaning in the American culture in which “IN GOD WE TRUST” is printed on all legal tender, and churches participating in political actions remain tax-exempt. From the pledge of allegiance, to the very laws we live by, religion (specifically Christianity) is sewn into the fabrics of America’s past, present, and future. Continue reading