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Armageddons: Predictions, Patterns, and Unfulfilled Prophecies


Predictions, Patterns, and Unfulfilled Prophecies

By David G. McAfee

Well, it’s almost May 22, 2011. In spite of a Christian Preacher’s prediction that the Rapture would occur today, and all of the good Christians would be sent to heaven leaving the rest of us to suffer hell-on-earth, we are still alive. There have been no earth-devastating disasters like those anticipated by Harold Camping and his legion of followers. You may have heard that Camping and Family Radio Worldwide predicted a similar Armageddon-like event in 1994; but these types of prophecies are not unique to Camping- or Christianity for that matter- but have been very popular within Christian sects since the religion’s inception. In fact, the first documented failed prophecy within the Christian religion was foreseen by Jesus himself, and is represented in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Continue reading

Jesus in 2010: A Short Story of the End Times

Jesus in 2010: A Short Story

By David G. McAfee 

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                My name is LORD. Why do they not believe me? I am the Son of God and the Son of Man- I am Jesus, your Christ, and as I have done over two-thousand years ago, I have descended from Heaven in the body of a man; this time in order to fulfill my prophecies kept alive in the Holy Text of Revelations. What did they expect? I bring with me the apocalypse of earth- but I must be allowed to rapture my numerous followers, for I am their Shepherd. But when I proclaim my Armageddon, it seems as though my sheep have lost their way- turning a deaf ear unto my proclamations, or instantly falling under amnesia of my sacred predictions of the End Times. Continue reading