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UPDATE: Discrimination-Gate 2011 “Atheist Activist with an Axe to Grind”

Update: Discrimination-Gate Scandal

By David G. McAfee


                Many of you may remember a couple of weeks ago when I told the story of the head of the UCSB Religious Studies Graduate Department who called me an “atheist activist with an axe to grind”- and my subsequent rejection from the graduate program. For those of you who don’t please check out the original article for details. Shortly thereafter, I was overwhelmed with e-mails of support from secular activists, professional lawyers, and those involved with the humanist movement more broadly. I posted an article with instructions for those wishing to participate in our Letter-Writing Campaign- and had some amazing letters sent to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. This weekend, we will be organizing a second campaign directing letters to the heads of UCSB and the UC system as a whole voicing support for the separation of church and state in admissions decisions and conversations between professors and students at a secular, public, university. Continue reading