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Interview with a Camel: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

Interview with a Camel: The Atheist Camel Chronicles

Author and Anti-Theist Activist, Bart Centre, Tells all

Interview by David G. McAfee

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Frequently, I’ll post interviews with authors of non-theistic works to the website in hopes of encouraging freethinkers to pursue new and relevant literature; and when I read The Atheist Camel Chronicles, I was more than excited to find a well-written work whose target audience is the non-believing ‘community’. As the book’s subtitle indicates, it contains “Debate Themes & Arguments for the Non-Believer (and those who think they might be)”, and is written by the creatively pseudo-named Dromedary Hump. I had the opportunity to interview the author behind the Dromedary caricature,    Bart Centre, in order to share with us some details regarding the unique and useful book. Continue reading

American Atheist- Inaugural Speech

George Washington was the first President inaugurated in the United States of America, John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic ever elected President, and Barack Obama was the first African American to be sworn in. And now, for the first time in American history, the citizens of this amazing country will have the opportunity to take part in an event that will turn the page on our archaic belief structure by electing the first ATHEIST President of the United States of America. Continue reading